Yin – Yang
The Wave and Axis
Integration of Movement

Created by
Ruthy Alon Ph.D

Dynamic Walking with Poles 
for Health, Posture and Biological Optimism

Movement Intelligence
Walking with Poles
for Health, Strength & Biological Optimism
Ruthy Alon
Awaken the anatomical flexibility of your upper back
Empower your walking propulsion
with the ballistic momentum
generated by the impact from the poles


In the Walk For Life program poles are used not only to secure equilibrium but to revive our arms’ primal function — acting as quadruped forelegs.
Transmitting the rebounding force from the ground — generated by the stepping foot, as well as from the arm thrusting the pole backward — the energy of the mobilizing force reaches to the shoulder blades, the dorsal vertebrae between them, activating and restoring a long forgotten liveliness in this often stiff, neglected, and least negotiable area of civilized man’s upper back. Shifting some of the body weight to the arms, the poles take off pressure from its usual bearing on the legs and pelvis, giving the Lumbar and hip joint a significant chance to de-compress.  
Use of waking poles empowers the bipedal human gait with an enhanced momentum of the walking propulsion. Acting as extensions of the arms, the poles reach down to impact the ground, and, with a minimal investment of effort, they produce a rebounding impulse of greater potential mobilizing force than can be achieved by the legs alone.
Ruthy Alon

Walk For Life I program learning processes index

  1.  Restoring Ankle Flexibility
  2.  Revitalizing the Toes
  3.  Digging Sand Backward
  4.  Aligning the Neck and Lumbar Vertebrae
  5.  Walking Backward
  6.  Relaxation after Walking
  7.  Elbows Walk on Knees
  8.  Basic Evolutionary Codes for Locomotion
  9.  Pelvis–Heel Rotation
10.  Aligning the Legs
11.  Strengthening a Leg
12. Two-Pole Walk
13.  Pole Straightens Spine
14.  Relaxation: Expanding Lungs Volume
15.  Head/Chest Zig-Zag
16.  Aligning the Knee with a Strip
17.  The Wrap
18.  Uphill Walking
19.  Relaxation: Breathing through the Extremities
20.  One Foot Stepping
21.  Navigating Impact through a Streamlined Posture
22.  Skipping
23.  Creeping
24.  Homolateral / Contralateral
25.  Adjusting the Eyes
26.  Ribs around the Steering
27.  Chicken Dance
28.  Stabilizing Hip Joints
29.  Puling Poles in Pairs
30.  Relaxation: Evoking the Yawn
31.  The Zero-Balance Point
32.  Fists Dragging Tissues
33.  Protecting the Lumbar in the wrap
34.  Tailbone around the Wheel
35.  Walking Freely Outdoors
36.  The Anti-Gravity Lever of the Sphincters
37.  Feedback
38.  Nonchalant Running
39.  Interlacing Elbows in Pairs
40.  Relaxation: Deck of a Boat
41.  Wrap Supporting Neck
42.  Waving the Poles
43.  Relaxation: Nostril Breathing
44.  Aligning the Neck with a Feather Touch
45.  Circle of Completion


Walk For Life II program learning processes index

46. Functional Posture
      Uprightness from T6                                                                      
47. Impact from the Ankle
      Reciprocal Relationship Ankle-Shoulder
48. Hip Joint Bow & Arrow
      Involving Head with Hip Joint by the Ears
49. Aligning the Neck
      Mobilizing Skull Backwards
50. Gap Between the Hands
      Securing Decompression of the Lower Back
51. Pre-Poles Walking
      Variety Patterns Improve Self Organization
52. Morning Swings
      The Consistent Flow
53. From the Chair to Standing
      Coping with Gravity through the Spiral
54. From Sitting on the Floor to Standing
      The Full Anti-Gravity Challenge
55. A. Climbing a Slope – Distance Tailbone-Hill
      Reframing Anti-Gravity Effort of Climbing Up into Horizontal Continuous Flow
      B. Stepping Down a Slope
      Quick Small and Short Steps as if Running on Hot Coles
56. Intuitive Walking with Poles
      Trust the Subconscious Functional Memory of the Organism
57. Poles in the Wall-Floor Seam
      Deciphering Dynamic Component of Hand-Foot Interaction
58. Navigating Stepping Impact through the Body
      Designing the Trajectory of Force
59. Synchronizing One Step Forward in Crawling on all Fours
      The Evolutionary Winning Algorithm of Mobilization
60. Morning Swings – Long Distance Walking
      Locomotion Wave in a Whip Pattern
61. Crossed Pushing
      Uprightness from the Neck's Roots in the Upper Back
62. Arms Rotation Near the Wall
      Foot-Shoulder Correspondence
63. Hip Joint on Elevation
      Suspending Pelvis from the Leg
64. Hanging the Picture on the Wall, Pulling Out the Cork of the Bottle
      Releasing Length of Posture
65. Scanning Height of a Tree
       Proportional Incurve of the Spine
66. Hand Pulls a Leg, Leg Pulls a Hand
      Hand-Leg Reciprocal Relationship
67. Frustrated Ski
      Increasing Zone of Security
68. Elbows in the Creeping Function
      The Winning Model of Evolution
69. Shoulders Dance
      The Dynamics of Shoulders in Walking
70. Stomach Lift
      The Legitimate Permission for Eating
71. One Shoulder Blade Diagonally
      Rejuvenation near the Wall
72. Tearing Paper with Toes
73. Latihan
     The Movement that Moves You
74. Dynamic of One Step Forward on all Fours
      Deciphering Out Smarting Gravity
75. Low Poles
      Simulating Walking on all Fours
76. Relaxation
      Making a Break of Walking
77. The Factor of Springiness in the Shock Absorbing System
     The Choice of Soft Landing
78. Reversed Figure 8
     The Multi Dimensional Articulating
79. Stable Leg and the Mobile Leg
      Neurological Diplomacy
80. Poles Straighten Back
      Let the Pole Work for You                                                           
81. Hip Joint Bicycle Circles Backward
      Emergency Help at Time of Need
82. Tapping Shoulders to the Floor
      Walking Initiated from the Shoulder Blades
83. Balance in Conservative Steps
      Dynamic Stability as Resourcefulness to Take on Risks
84. Cha-Cha Chickens
      Dynamic Security
85. Balance on One Foot
      Walking is a Capacity to Stand on One Foot
86. Running Behind the Chair
      Renewing Your Body in a Couple of Minutes
87. Running Quick and Slow
      Surrender to Gravity as Sparing Energy
88. Hopscotch Between the Squares
     More Competency in Playing
89. Design Your Posture by Your Two Hands
     Navigating a Streamline Force through Your Axis
90. Self Cradling in the Wrap
    The Ultimate Equilibrium

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