Yin – Yang
The Wave and Axis
Integration of Movement

Created by
Ruthy Alon Ph.D

Dynamic Walking with Poles 
for Health, Posture and Biological Optimism

Ruthy's Itinerary 2018

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     Course, Location  
     Organizer Details
     Jun 04-09
    Solutions I
     Zist, Germany
    Ruthy Alon     
     June 08-11      
    Walk for life I
    Barcelona, Spain
    Details here
    Nancy Aidelman      
    TL: +972- 4-985 9563
     July 09-11

    Movementis - Brain-Body- cognition  conference
    Poster Neurological Diplomacy    University of Oxford
    Oxford, UK
     Ruthy Alon     
     July 17-19
     July 28-30
    Solutions I
    Tri Yoga
    London, UK
     Silvia grey
     September 07-11
     Solutions II
     New York, USA
     Feldenkrais Institute
     134 West 26th Street,
      New York, NY 10001
     September 22-27
     Solutions I
     San Diego, USA
     Feldenkrais Resources
     Phone: 800-765- 1907 or
     Contact person: Deirdre O'Shea

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